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Frozen chicken drumettes we supply are expertly cut from the meatiest section of halal chicken wings. Hand-slaughtered by Muslims and fed all-vegetarian diets to meet halal standards. Cleanly trimmed with tip of bone exposed for presentation. Skin-on for signature flavor and juiciness. Thoroughly drained and cleaned to remove all blood. Quick frozen individually to seal in freshness. Packaged in commercial bags or cryobags. Approximate 55-65g weight for consistent sizing. Perfect for all chicken wing recipes and preparations. Great for appetizers, snacks, sandwiches and more. Expand your offerings to halal customers craving authentic flavor. We supply wholesale frozen drumettes at competitive bulk rates to distributors, restaurants and caterers. Trusted as a top halal poultry provider across the Middle East and globally. Meet rising demand today. Contact our sales team to place an order and become an authorized supplier.

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Chicken Mid Joint Wings

Chicken Wings and Parts

Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers world wide approved SIF To CHINA, USA, CANADA, ARAB GULF, EUROPE ETC

Chicken And Parts:

1. frozen whole chicken
2. frozen chicken feet
3. frozen chicken Paws
4. frozen chicken breast
5. frozen chicken thighs
6. frozen chicken drumstick
7. frozen chicken leg quatars
8. frozen chicken wings
9.Boneeles skinless chicken fillets, and all other chicken parts.

Quality Inspection: 

- Halal Approved

- SGS Inspection before shipment

- SIF Approved

- Brazil food Inspection


- (HALAL hand slaughter Chicken griller by Islamic tradition.)
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruise
- no broken bones (less than 0%)
- no black flaw
- no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
- white skin
- no broken bones
- outer yellow skin off
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruises
- no black pads or ammonia burns
- no bad smells
- No Broken bones, Dry,
-The humidity of less than 5%,
- Frozen and fresh 100%,

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