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HALAL FROZEN Whole CHICKEN Suppliers | Exporters

Being among the leading frozen whole chicken exporters in Brazil, We are Dedicated in sourcing organic farm raised chicken meat to supply the growing demand for halal frozen whole chicken. Offering a wide range of halal chicken products, including whole chicken, chicken parts, and processed chicken products. We export to over 150 countries globally. Being HALAL-certified we guarantee the freshest frozen whole chicken prepared and processed according to Islamic dietary laws and regulations. Working with us guarantee you get just the when looking for frozen whole chicken suppliers.

Why Choose HALAL FROZEN Whole CHICKEN Suppliers | Exporters

Still wondering about considering us as your halal frozen whole chicken supplier, we possess qualities which will meet up your demands, of which some are

  • Valid halal certification from recognized authority

  • Chickens sourced directly from reputable farms raising chickens naturally cage-free without antibiotics or hormones

  • Processing facility that is sanitary, follows food safety protocols, and has halal procedures

  • Uses cold chain management to maintain ideal temperatures during transport and storage

  • Consistent inventory and reliable ordering/delivery to meet your supply needs

  • Secure, food-grade vacuum sealed packaging to keep chicken frozen and tasty

  • Responsive customer service and halal compliance support

  • Competitive pricing, with discounts for bulk orders

  • Rigorous food safety processes and testing for minimal contamination risk

  • Strong track record of food safety and quality assurance

 Halal frozen Whole chicken Meal

Treat your family to a home-cooked meal with our premium whole frozen chickens. As leading whole frozen chicken suppliers, our farms specially raise these chickens on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever to produce a tender, juicy meat. Each chicken is fed an all-natural diet of corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals to reach the ideal weight and flavor.

The chickens are humanely raised in a comfortable, low-stress environment. Once fully grown, they are professionally slaughtered following islamic dietary laws, trimmed and cleaned before quick freezing to lock in freshness by our team. This eliminates the mess and hassle of prepping a whole chicken yourself.

How To Cook Frozen Whole Chicken

Simply allow the vacuum-sealed chicken from our frozen whole chicken suppliers to thaw overnight in the refrigerator then roast in the oven for a golden brown bird bursting with savory flavor. The meat will be succulent and delicious. Carve up the chicken for meals all week long. Use the meat for soups, salads, sandwiches, casseroles, and any recipe calling for chicken.

Convenient, mess-free, and budget-friendly, our whole frozen chickens will become a dinner time staple. Their mild flavor and tender meat make them perfect for kids and adults alike. Pick up a few small or large chickens from our whole frozen chicken suppliers for easy dinners any night of the week.

Best Halal whole frozen chicken exporters in Brazil


Halal Whole Chicken without Neck and Giblets (100% Natural)

A whole chicken is one of the easiest ways to provide your family with a well-balanced and affordable meal. Frozen chicken exporters' whole chickens are guaranteed to come out juicy and delicious and we even take out the giblets and neck, so you don't have to. Just cook and pull the meat and you're ready to start creating a delicious recipe.

Quality Inspection: 

- Halal Approved

- SGS Inspection before shipment

- SIF Approved

- Brazil food Inspection

halal chicken suppliers_edited.jpg


- (HALAL hand slaughter Chicken griller by Islamic tradition.)
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruise
- no broken bones (less than 0%)
- no black flaw
- no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
- white skin
- no broken bones
- outer yellow skin off
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruises
- no black pads or ammonia burns
- no bad smells
- No Broken bones, Dry,
-The humidity of less than 5%,
- Frozen and fresh 100%,

Whole frozen chicken packAGing

The exact packing numbers for frozen chicken in refrigerated shipping containers are not easily calculated because the chickens vary in sizes. Here are some estimates on how many whole frozen chickens can fit in standard shipping containers:

  • 20 ft refrigerated container:

  • Can hold around 20,000 kg or 20 metric tons of frozen chicken

  • Average chicken weight is around 1.5 kg

  • So a 20 ft container can hold around 13,333 chickens

  • 40 ft refrigerated container:

  • Can hold around 28,000 kg or 28 metric tons of frozen chicken

  • With 1.5 kg average chicken weight, this equals around 18,667 chickens in a 40 ft container

The exact number can vary a bit based on:

  • Chicken size - smaller chickens allow more per container

  • Packaging - chickens packed in bags vs boxes

  • Stacking configuration inside the container

But on average, you can expect around 13,000-14,000 chickens in a 20 ft container and 18,000-19,000 chickens in a 40 ft refrigerated container when exporting whole frozen chickens. for more details you can reach us today

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