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Halal Frozen Chicken Suppliers

With Brazil being a paramount exporters of chicken in global market and the Halal Brazil project set afloat by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, well known ApexBrasil with pursue to boost Brazilian food and beverage companies to get halal certifications for export to Islamic countries​, We're halal frozen chicken suppliers stalwart to garner 100% fresh, and frozen halal chicken to meet intercontinental demand for chicken meat. We proffer wholesale of various high quality halal freshest frozen chicken products in the Global market. Being a leading manufacturer, and supplier of frozen poultry. Our experience team is always dedicated assist wholesale buyers with freshest frozen chicken products for their business, be it wholesalers, retailers or distributors, reach out today for more details on import and export 

Halal Frozen Chicken Products we Supply | Export

Our highly regarded farms take pride in supplying and exporting a wide selection of premium halal chicken products to meet all your poultry or clients culinary needs. Our preference range from freshest whole frozen chickens to boneless skinless breasts, juicy thighs, feet, drumsticks and flavorful wings. Whole chickens for those lean towards to cook the whole bird for a family meal. If you glance for specific cuts, we have boneless, skinless chicken breasts, succulent chicken thighs, and meaty drumsticks and wings perfect for appetizers. For convenience, we offer chicken tenders, pre-cut cubes, and strips. If you enjoy working with organ meats, our predisposition include chicken giblets, livers, gizzards, and necks, all appreciable for adding depth of flavor to your dishes or making hearty soups and gravies.


Furthermore we in possession of chicken backs and frames for crafting rich homemade stocks. And for those seeking idiosyncratic options, we even provide chicken feet and skin to cater to various culinary preferences. Whether you're wholesalers, importers, or a professional chefs, our sundry range of chicken parts ensures you'll find the perfect ingredient for your recipes. Get in touch for more details 

Frozen Poultry cuts We Supply

halal frozen whole chicken

Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken to meet your culinary needs

halal whole frozen chicken leg

As a top halal frozen chicken leg quarter supplier, we adhere to strict halal protocols including hand-slaughter by experienced Muslims with zero bruises

halal frozen chicken breast

Our wholesale halal frozen chicken breasts meet growing consumer demand for high-quality Islamic-compliant poultry. As a top halal chicken breast supplier, we adhere to strict halal protocols including hand-slaughter by experienced Muslims reciting tasmiya and 100% vegetarian-fed diets containing no animal by-products.

halal frozen chicken thigh

Satisfying demand for delicious halal chicken drumsticks with our frozen chicken drumsticks adhering to Islamic law. Hand-slaughtered by Muslims and fed 100% vegetarian diets. We supply frozen chicken drumstick with Skin-on, bone-in drumsticks expertly cleaned with all blood removed.

halal frozen chicken feet

Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken feet to meet your culinary needs for the best soup

Halal Frozen Chicken paws

We are halal approve suppliers of frozen chicken paws, Supplying well trimmed and clean paws for your poultry business

Halal Frozen Chicken Wings

Approved and verified suppliers of halal frozen chicken wings to spice up your halal selections with our premium chicken wings. Ethically hand-raised and feed on a vegetarian diet

Halal frozen Whole chicken Griller

Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken to meet your culinary needs

Halal Half frozen chicken

Halal Half Frozen Chicken

halal half frozen chicken suppliers dominating the market with expertly portioned and cleaned with blood fully removed. Quick frozen to seal in freshness and juicy flavor.

halal Boneless chicken leg

Trusted by leading restaurants, caterers and food manufacturers. Partner with us today to profit from the rising global demand for halal boneless, skinless chicken drumettes

halal Frozen chicken Drumettes

We Satisfy the demand for delicious halal chicken drumettes. supplying halal chicken drumettes expertly cut from the meatiest section of halal chicken wings.

Halal frozen chicken tenderloin

supplying tenderloins expertly trimmed from the inside of ethically raised halal chickens with uniform, boneless cuts perfect for kabobs, stir fries, and chicken recipes

Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast

We offer boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are expertly trimmed leaving no blood or veins. Quick-frozen to preserve freshness and flavor, our individual vacuum-sealed packaging prevents cross-contamination.


Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken to meet your culinary needs

Frozen Chicken Liver

Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken to meet your culinary needs


Halal Chicken Heart

Supplying carefully selected and hand slaughtered halal frozen whole chicken to meet your culinary needs

Qualities of Halal Frozen Chicken Suppliers

As a leading halal frozen poultry supplier with over 30 years of export experience, we provide wholesale buyers access to consistent supply of quality halal poultry at fierce pricing Below are our preeminent qualities in the market and why we are leading exporters of halal frozen chicken 

  • Individually hand slaughtered by experienced Muslim butchers 

  • 100% Feed on A herbivorous diet keeping them healthy

  • No stunning used prior to slaughter

  • Thoroughly drained after slaughter leaving the chicken completely blood free

  • Separately process from non halal chicken

  • Triple-checked at multiple stages for healthy halal chicken

  • Quickly frozen with minimal ice crystals to lock in freshness and quality

  • Our non-porous packaging maintains integrity and prevent freezer burn

  • Good sized with excellent ratio of meat to bone

  • Fair value market price

  • We accommodate custom cut preferences and packaging

  • Cage free raised in conducive  environment 

  • Approved verified halal certification  

  • Capacities to supply container loads

  • We handle export documentation, Customs clearance, Port handling and Refrigerated container loading 

  • On-time deliveries and smooth handling through every shipment.

Our Halal Poultry Products are produced:

  • With No Hormones or Antibiotics

  • Fed A Vegetarian Diet

  • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

  • Cage-Free Or Free Roaming Chickens

  • Cared For And Handled Humanely

  • With Proper Qibla Direction 

  • Handly individually Slaughtered by muslims

  • Lengthy Bleed Time


This result in a high-quality, all-natural, organic wholesome and good-tasting chicken. With this in mind, you can be confident that all our Products are processed under strict Halal practices and the highest industrial standards 


Halal whole chicken Exporter


Halal Whole Chicken Griller

Whole Chicken (100% Natural Ingredients) 
Nutritional Guide Serving Size: 4 0z Calories per Serving: 200 Servings per Container: varied
Manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers world wide

Whole Chicken Griller (100% Natural Ingredients) 
Nutritional Guide Serving Size
Manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers world wide


Halal Chicken Leg Exporters 

Leg Quarters (100% Natural Ingredients)
Nutritional Guide Serving Size: 4 ozCalories per Serving: 200Servings per Container: varied
Manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers world wide


Halal Chicken Breast Exporters

Boneless Skinless Breast with Rib Meat (All Natural)
Nutritional Guide Serving Size: 4 oz. (112 g)Calories per Serving: 130Servings per Container: varied
Manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers world wide


Halal Chicken Feet/Paw Exporters

8cb308_92a15908b09e414c84b76c6ab3e98ea5_mv2 (1).webp

Halal Chicken Wings Exporters

Chicken Feet/ Paw  (All Natural)
Nutritional Guide Serving Size: 34/45 grams
Manufacturers and Exporters, chicken feet wholesale suppliers world wide

Fresh Chicken Wings (All Natural)
Take wings to a party or pot luck and you'll go home with an empty crock pot. Guaranteed. 
Manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers world wide

Halal chicken is considered pure and lawful. The chicken is pasture-raised on a vegetarian diet, hand slaughtered, and prepared according to Islamic dietary laws outlined in the Quran stating how animals need to be treated and killed to be safe for Muslim consumption. Finding a reliable wholesale halal frozen chicken supplier requires prudent scrutiny and Halal certification is essential to single out reliable halal chicken wholesale supplier.

Brazilian frozen chicken exporting companies dispense high-quality poultry products making them convenient in global market at fiercer prices. Brazilian poultry association is in charge of the import and export of fresh and frozen halal chicken in Brazil. Allocating Halal fresh and frozen chicken directly from Brazilian halal chicken manufacturers and exporting through the global market. Brazil is one of the world's leading halal frozen chicken manufacturers and exporters.

​ Why Does Halal Chicken Matter?

Halal chicken is an important part of Muslim culture and tradition. it is not only a dietary requirement but also a spiritual one. It is a symbol of purity and is believed to bring blessings to those who consume it.

How to Identify Halal Chicken

All Halal chicken exporters provide a halal certification for their products and there are several ways you can identify your chicken as halal chicken. Which is by verifying the halal certification label on the packaging. This label indicates the chicken has been certified by a recognized halal certification organization. ​

The Health Benefits of Halal Chicken

The halal slaughter process ensures that the chicken is bled out completely, which removes excess blood and impurities, free from harmful bacteria and toxins, which can be found in non-halal chicken. Making halal chicken safer and healthier for consumption

halal chicken producers
frozen halal chicken

Halal chicken Specification:
- (HALAL hand slaughter Chicken griller by Islamic tradition.)
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruise
- no broken bones (less than 0%)
- no black flaw
- no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
- white skin
- no broken bones
- outer yellow skin off
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruises
- no black pads or ammonia burns
- no bad smells
- No Broken bones, Dry,
-The humidity of less than 5%,
- Frozen and fresh 100%,

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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halal chicken cuts.jpeg
halal chicken exporters


There’s a lot of attention that goes into everything we do at Brazil chicken suppliers with regards to halal chicken Arab gulf suppliers. Right from the care given to the chicken during farming, to producing our own feed for them and selecting the best materials and the freshest ingredients to offer you high-quality innovative products made with the highest production standards. We guarantee food safety and Halal standards so that you and your loved ones can enjoy tasty and healthy food every day.

We Manufacture, exporter and supply Brazilian chicken worldwide: DUBAI, KUWAIT, SUADI ARABIA, OMAN, EGYPT, CHINA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, VIETNAM ETC

Halal frozen chicken suppliers, exportation 

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Crescent Foods Halal Skinless Whole Chicken | Approx. 14 lbs. | 4 Skinless Whole Chicken

halal frozen chicken for sale

Halal Frozen Whole Chicken

Halal Chicken Breast /1lb

Quality Ethnic Foods Halal Frozen Chicken Variety Pack (Drumsticks, Tenders, Boneless Breast)

Crescent Foods Halal Whole Chicken 8 Piece Cut Up | Approx. 15 lbs. | 5 Packages

Delta Valley #22686 Halal Chicken Breast - 10 lb

Crescent Foods Skinless Whole Chicken | Halal | 4 Skinless Whole Chickens

Green Meadows Halal Chicken Breast Boneless & Skinless

Halal Chicken

Halal Frozen Chicken | Consulting Company

Crescent Foods Halal Ground Chicken | Approx. 10 lbs

Halal Chicken Leg Quarters - 1 LB - Frozen

Halal Chicken Breast boneless 5 lbs

Crescent Foods Whole Chicken

Halal Whole Chicken Cut-up Pieces

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