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Quality & Production

Is SADIA permitted to supply in the Middle East?

Yes, all our products are fully HALAL compliant with Islamic Laws. They are also permitted by the middle eastern governments due to our high health standards and quality.
We are permitted to ship to Middle East.

What is Our view on the humane treatment of animals?

Best Brazil Chicken Supplier strongly supports the humane treatment of animals. Our company maintains a strict animal welfare program that utilizes guidelines established by the National Chicken Council. The goal of our program is to avoid unnecessary suffering, prevent destructive behavior, provide proper nutrition and implement health programs through grow out and processing. These guidelines ensure that birds raised are taken care of with the highest standards starting at hatch. Humane treatment is practiced during the processing of the bird as well.

Do your chickens receive any hormones or steroids?

No. Our chickens do not receive growth hormones or steroids in any way. In fact, the use of hormones has been illegal in poultry since 1952.

What is in the feed that is consumed by your chickens?

Our nutritionists develop a wholesome mixture of corn, wheat and soybean meal that are used as our main ingredients in our feed formulas. Ingredients for our feed are selected to provide a balanced diet and promote overall animal health.

Are your chickens free range?

SADIA's flocks are raised in large poultry barns that protect them from environmental extremes and migratory birds which can transmit disease. These barns allow for our farmers to regulate their air flow and ensure they are receiving adequate food and water. Though they are not considered free range, which would allow them to roam freely outside, they are given plenty of space to move freely inside of the barn. Many barns are up to 600 ft long which is equivalent to the length of two football fields.

I'm concerned about food allergies. Do your products contain any allergens?

Some of our products do contain allergens, for example the two dinner sausages we make with cheese contain milk. All al Sadia products are gluten free contain no MSG, nitrates or nitrites and are made from 100% all natural ingredients.

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