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Largest Brazilian Poultry Producers - Exporters - Suppliers

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Brazilian poultry production looking at the Brazilian poultry association and Brazilian poultry producers and exporters, uncovering the top players in the poultry industry, their market dominance, and the key factors driving the success of Brazilian poultry producers and exporters.

brazilian poultry producers exporters

The Powerhouse of Poultry

Brazil has emerged as a global powerhouse in poultry production, consistently ranking among the top poultry-producing countries worldwide. This status has been achieved through a combination of meticulous planning, technological innovation, and a climate conducive to poultry farming.

The Leading Poultry Producers

Looking at the leading frozen chicken companies in Brazil know for producing the best chicken brands Globally be it Halal frozen chicken consume by muslims or the normal regular frozen chicken. Top at this list is JBS S.A, followed by BRF S.A and Aurora Alimentos


JBS S.A., a Brazilian multinational company, is a major player in the poultry industry. Established in 1953, the company has consistently grown, diversifying its poultry portfolio. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to sustainable practices, JBS S.A. has secured its position as a top producer.


BRF S.A., another industry giant, is a global leader in poultry production. Founded in 2009, BRF S.A. has rapidly expanded its operations to meet the growing demand for poultry products. Their commitment to quality and adherence to strict international standards make them a formidable contender.

Aurora Alimentos

Aurora Alimentos stands out as one of Brazil's leading poultry producers. Established in 1969, the company's unwavering focus on product quality, sustainability, and animal welfare has propelled it to a prominent position in the poultry industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Automated Processing Plants

Leading Brazilian poultry producers have embraced cutting-edge technology to optimize their operations. Automated processing plants ensure efficiency, consistency, and product safety. These facilities adhere to strict quality standards, resulting in poultry products of the highest caliber.

Genetic Improvement Programs

Pioneering genetic improvement programs have enabled Brazilian poultry producers to develop breeds that are not only more productive but also resilient to various environmental conditions. This strategic approach ensures a consistent supply of quality poultry products year-round.

Sustainable Practices

Brazilian poultry producers are acutely aware of their environmental responsibilities. They implement sustainable practices to reduce their ecological footprint. This includes responsible waste management, efficient resource usage, and the incorporation of renewable energy sources in their operations.

Export Dominance

Global Reach

Brazilian poultry producers export their products to numerous countries, solidifying their presence on the global stage. Their ability to meet international quality and safety standards has made them preferred suppliers to markets around the world.

Economic Impact

The poultry industry in Brazil plays a significant role in the nation's economy, contributing to job creation, economic growth, and export revenue. The industry's influence extends well beyond its immediate sector.


In conclusion, Brazilian poultry producers have solidified their positions as global leaders through a combination of innovation, sustainable practices, and a commitment to quality. Understanding the intricacies of this industry provides insight into the factors that have propelled it to the forefront of poultry production worldwide favoring Frozen chicken exporters.

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